Dr. Safaee has graduated and got his Ph.D. in 70 from Shahid Beheshti University and his Board of specialists in ENT in 78 from Ahwaz University and since that time has limited his work field, just in Rhinoplasty and Septo-Rhinoplasty. Before startingto study in the Medical field, he spent many years to gain painting skills, specially drawing the face portraits. During theInstitutes Art Competition, since 52-53 till the revolution of Iran, always he won the first step in Chaharmahal and in 62 he entered the Tehran University of Arts as the first student in ranking of his exam area
He believes that a nose surgeon is a henry work as many aspects and it is very important for the surgeon to have an artistic view and patient.The most important character of an artist is that he always wants Spiritual richness. In other words, he tries hard to show the maximum art quality, even nobody watches him.’ he says
If an artwork innovated perfectly, this is the artist’s Spiritual richness as the first result and if the work has a poor quality, again at first it makes the artist sad