Some points in Rhinoplasty and breath quality after surgery

One of the most important problems after the surgery is the patient’s dissatisfaction in breathing through the nose. We realized, in some situations it is not easy for the patient to accept the descriptions below. So we ask them to note these points before the surgery:
 1Generally the nose will have a blockage for 4-5 months. After this period, the breathing will return to its former situation
 2Sometimes, little problems in breathing (like nerve tics) aren’t took into consideration before surgery and after that everyone perpend it
 3Quality of breathing is not always affected by the anatomical structure of the nose. The surgeon is only responsible to protect the normal anatomy of the nose. But sometimes, because of allergies or poor performance of the Respetors inside nose or any unknown reasons, the patient doesn’t satisfied with breathing through the nose, although it is anatomically in normal situation
Considering to existence of an allergy is very important. Allergic Rennit is a common illness and 1 of 3 or 4 people, experiences it during his life (like adenoid, frequent sneezes, and having a runny nose which might happen in some months of the year). This problem will resolve after some years but its existence doesn’t have any relations to the nose surgery. The sentence which many patients note frequently is: “This problem occurs after the surgery”. And our answer is: “The surgeon can only change the anatomical structure of the nose and any other problems which occur for the nose, before surgery, can happen after it and it is normal