Some points about consultation

?How we can decide to have a Rhinoplasty surgery
?How to choose our surgeon

Attainment a good reason from the Rhinoplasty surgery is predictable to some extent and unpredictable in other situations. We can study the unclearness of the results in three branches of general reasons:
 1the factors related to the patient
2the factors related to the surgeon
3other factors which are not related to surgeon or patient
About the patient’s factors we can mention these cases:
A) What is the ‘favorite nose’ or ‘ideal nose’ in patients’ aspect? Is his thought same as the surgeon? Does he accept the standards of the society and surgeon? Does he aware of these standards (like proper length and width of nose in comparison with his face or the right angels of different parts of nose)?
B) Is he a realistic person?
C) Does he accept that there are always some little mistakes in getting the favorite reason? In other words, is he an obsession person or not?
D) How is his patience (he needs a one-year period to get the good reason)?
E) His readiness for obeying the necessary instructions and his tolerance for some kinds of massages on his nose.
Any of these factors can make patient, unpleasant from the surgery.